grease trap services

The Words “Grease Trap” often evokes a certain sense of dread to the food service operator, often grease trap cleaning is done in response to foul odors, a health inspection, or even worse: the backing up of your grease trap into your kitchen causing an emergency.  Planet Fry will help avoid these problems by establishing an annual service plan designed to ensure regularly scheduled grease trap cleaning. Besides the obvious benefit of regularly scheduled cleanings we also make sure you are compliant with your local authorities. We provide receipt of service and an inspection report at the time of service and keep a digital record should you need to provide proof of service.  Our service technicians are trained to properly clean, inspect, and provide recommendations as to the state of your trap. Let us provide the same great service you have come to expect from Planet Fry. Call for a no obligation review of your Grease Trap needs.

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